Thank you first and foremost for stopping by my blog page. My blog will not be like your normal blog but I’ve chosen this as a platform to release mentally and spiritually. I know we have all be in a situation where we share our darkest secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, and more but as soon as we turn our back the same person we trusted repeats what we shared in confidence…. Hurtful Right! We’ll I’ve had this happen over and over until I’ve completely lost trust, myself, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m beginning to question my faith…


I plan to write here my thoughts and more in hopes to release, rebuild, and restore my faith and walk in the calling God has for me..


I hope by sharing with you all that you’ll also began to heal and restore with me also!!!

**Feel free contact me for prayer request, private conversations, or just for a simple word of encouragement**

I plan to update at least once a week so follow, like, share, and invite others to do the same!!!

Much Love,

~The Church Girl~


(photo creds: pixabay.com)
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